Podcast Production and Management

Do you want to start a podcast but aren’t sure where to start? I can help!

  • Development/Consultation: we will chat via phone or Zoom and figure out what your goal is.
  • Audio Editing: You send me your recorded files and I will edit them. I can either do a simple edit, removing any flubs and  blank spaces. Or I can get really picky and edit out the ums and breaths too!
  • Do you want a video podcast? I will help you manage your YouTube Channel and help edit your videos too.
  • Writing Show Notes and Blog Posts. This helps your show to come up in internet searches.
  • Hosting and Distribution: I will be sure you’re on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, Stitcher and others.
  • Social media management: writing and scheduling posts, creating Audiograms,  creating artwork for social posts.
  • Creating Episode and Social Media Artwork.
  • Website Management: If you already have a website, I can help you get your episodes posted. if you don’t I will be able to set up one for you and even register a domain name if you don’t have one.

If you already have a podcast I can take over from your previous producer (is that you?) Just “hand over the keys” and I’ll make it happen.

a podcasting microphone and sparkly lights behind it

If you are just launching yours, I charge an hourly rate ($50), starting at consultation then once you’re launched and we have released two episodes, we can set a flat rate per episode or per month. Hosting is an additional fee per month.

Or for $250, I will launch your trailer (under 2 minutes) which includes getting your hosting set up, trailer edited, mastered and graphics done. The show will be uploaded and distributed to all main podcast platforms. Hosting is an additional fee per month.

[Podcast Production One Sheet]

If you want to jump right in (no cost, or obligation yet) please fill out my On-Boarding Form. 

Or leave me a message at (612) 424-1684 or email me  amy@collectedsounds.com