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Since I'm a big supporter ...

Collected Sounds Media Productions Tue, Oct 20, 2020 07:39:54 pm
Since I'm a big supporter of things indie...I wanted to share with you, this website/perfume company called Sucreabeille.A friend suggested this to me because they have a line of fragrances that are named after slogans from My Favorite Murder. I've placed several orders and I've loved (almost) all the smells. This is one I tried today. It's called Azrael.
From their site:
Scent notes: An ancient, ethereal library lit by gaslight and glowing incense, frankincense and bay laurel, the simple cotton winding sheet of the dearly departed, swirls of vanilla and coal dust.
My take:
Right away it smells like soap. Nice spice-ful soap. Slight powder smell. It dries to smell lovely,. Bit of an old fashioned smell, like moms perfume when I was little. A few hours later, when mostly faded it smells so good I want to eat my arm.
I'll be posting more reviews too.
Sucreabeille #sucreabeille