Podcast Editing

Here is a sample of my editing work. I can do basic editing or I can get really nit-picky and take out all the ums, throat clearings, and more.

This track is the original raw audio

This is the edited version

What did I do?

  1. Removed the “um”s
  2. Adjusted loudness on the word “So!”
  3. Removed clicks from speaker B
  4. Removed a “was”
  5. Removed Spaces
  6. Removed repeated word, “Two”
  7. Removed “uh”, “and” and “that’s what I get”
  8. Removed throat clear Speaker B
  9. Staggered “In this Q&A” so it’s not overlapping “Perfect”
  10. Enhanced loudness on whole segment


Removing these imperfections shaved off almost 10 seconds of the segment.